🤱🏻🌞Summer Flash Sale🌞🤱🏻 – CookieZ

Brownie Bundles get 6 EXTRA BrownieZ FREE from 9/13/19 until 10/01/19 Use code "MOVE" to save 15% on your entire order. All orders over $49 ship free.

🤱🏻🌞Summer Flash Sale🌞🤱🏻

Sale price $40.00 Regular price $60.00

Pick your favorite flavors and then sit back and let the magic happen.


 Here is what you get!!!

18 Lactation cookies in any flavor ($25 value)

6 Brownies either milk or dark chocolate ($18 value)

4 Monster bars ($8 value)

2 Smoothies ($6 value)

1 Serving puppy chow ($4 value)

Everything has DOUBLE BREWERS YEAST ($3 value)


Remember all orders over $49 SHIP FREE!!!

Not sure if this is the deal for you? Check out our reviews mama, you won't be displeased.